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If you are reading these lines it means you like endure as much as I do.

My name is Francisco Gomez and I am the creator of the new accessory for enduro motorbikes Sling Fast.

I have always been an amateur of the two wheel world, in year 2005 I started to know the world off road doing routes to Morocco with my KTM 625.

The passion for this sport grew with time passing.

Here I started to realize about the difficulties this hobby had, you only need to see the photograph of the first time I set foot on a dune.

I bought a KTM 530 and started to run raids in Morocco, in Spain I run the low Spain, and in Portugal the low Portalegre.

In year 2011 I proposed to participate in the rally Dakar with an EXC 450 that I bought after selling the 530.

This is the dream of a lot of endurers and to improve my technique I started to practice enduro with friends.

One day something happened that made me change the way of seeing endure.

At the beginning of 2013, a friend stayed within 2 meters from the end of an ascent with a 40 degree slope, the situation became very dangerous because I could not get to where he was and he could not get out on his own, and the possibility of falling down the ravine was very real.

This made me start to see that we could practice enduro in a more secure, fast and efficient way.

That is how the idea of Sling Fast became.

I started to draw and design with autocad and day after day the project started to form. In October 2013 I presented the patent of this accessory and in 2014 a PCT or extension of this patent to extend it worldwide. Currently I am the first creator of an accessory thought for the security of the pilot and the companion that helps us when we do endure.

From that moment we started to create in 3D the prototypes to adjust to the motorbike, they were 8 to get to the final one.

After we started to work with an engineering team to test the strength, weight and vibration and the project took its definitive form.

To commercialize this product I have created the company Enduro Innovacion sl., in Fuengirola.

To have your informed of news and events, we have also created a page in facebook  https://www.facebook.com/SLING-FAST-for-Enduro

SLING-FAST is patented, designed and made 100% in Spain.

This accessory will be on sale on our web page www.slingfast.com and stands in the different enduros that we will be at.


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